Sherry Williamson
Artist Statement


I am drawn to a zone between the representational and the abstract, where the imagination is enticed with elusive forms. 

I explore quirky relationships and proportions, and I appreciate and honor beauty in the mundane. My long obsession with trees and the natural landscape is a frequent theme. 

My two and three dimensional creations include monotype prints, mixed media sculptures, plein air drawing, watercolors and ceramics. 

Drawing connects me with my surroundings, and printmaking opens a world of opportunities to make marks with found materials. Art is an adventure exploring mediums and methods. My goal is to capture the natural essence of each medium so it appears to have happened on its own. 

I am inspired by Milton Avery's color palettes and compositions, Harry Bertoia's rigorous and refined sound sculptures, Richard Diebenkorn's abstract landscapes, Nancy Grave's exuberant sculptures and Martin Puryear's dramatic forms. 

I find solace in the simple and spontaneous beauty of folk and outsider art.